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Friday, 23 March 2012

Mobile Frame Zero: Rapid Attack - Interview with Joshua A.C. Newman

On Wednesday, I had the distinct pleasure to have a chat with Joshua A. C. Newman, writer of Shock: Social Science Fiction and Shock: Human Contact about Mobile Frame Zero: Rapid Attack, our mutual love of mecha anime, Charlie Stross and much else besides. A lot of laugher had to be edited out on both sides. 

Mobile Frame Zero: Rapid Attack is a collaboration between Joshua and Vincent Baker, writer of Dogs in the Vineyard (which is possibly the best of all indie RPGs). Additionally, there's art by Soren Roberts, unlike what you'd expect in a table top strategy game.

Apologies for the poor line while discussing Joshua's involvement with TiGr Titanium Bike Lock.

Interview with Joshua A.C. Newman

Show Notes

Joshua's Blog

The very chaotic blog of Vincent Baker.

Shock: Social Science Fiction & Shock: Human Contact

Dogs in the Vineyard (AKA the best roleplaying game ever)

The awesome Lego mecha and starships of Soren Roberts

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  1. Hey - I'm just one of three artists on the project, and I'm just doing Lego and maybe some incidental design wherever I can horn my way in. Our illustrators, Richmont Gan and Emilee Denich, shouldn't have their work co-opted under my name. Their stuff is actually pretty.